Michael Guthrie, September 27th

Mike 2Michael Guthrie on Friday, September 27th at 7:30 PM. Admission is $10.00. Guthrie plays a mix of Country Blues, Folk and his own compositions using a variety of instruments: guitar, banjo-lin, rebab, lap steel, tambura. Guthrie has recorded two CD’s,  “MICHAEL GUTHRIE / Conscious Collective” and a Field Recording “MICHAEL GUTHRIE Live at Ellison’s Cafe”

“Michael Guthrie is the Real Deal’, a true Songster in the tradition of Mance Lipscomb or Big Joe Williams. His playing is a treat to hear” 
Richard Metzner, host of “Make Room for the Blues” KCR, Nelson B.C. 

Guthrie started the Langham Cultural Society, Kaslo, BC in 1974. He and his wife Darelyn owned and operated the Village Green Café in Kaslo, BC from 1973-79, probably the first coffee house venue in the West Kootenay region.  He is also a distant cousin of iconic folk singer, Woody Guthrie.

Mike Guthrie has this to say about some of the unusual instruments that he plays: ” A rebab is a 2 or 3 string instrument, sort of a primitive violin although some people pluck them (like me). They followed the Muslim migration and are descended from an ancient instrument, the Rababa, of Persia. Mine came from Indonesia. I have adapted it to my folk and blues music, it’s a lot of fun playing with two strings doing songs like “Shortinin’ ‘Bread” and a blues tune I wrote “Just Keep On Walkin’ “.

A Banjo-lin has a small banjo body with a mandolin neck, some prefer to call it a “Manjo”. They have been around a long time and are very suited to old time music, ragtime and blues. Some mandolin players don’t think it’s a real instrument, but Lloyd Loar played a banjo-lin and so did Woody Guthrie, and well….I have been playing mine for over 30 years now, that is when I’m not trying to play everything else out there with strings on it. See more at www.moorafa.com/

Adrian Wagner pianist October 26th

 7pm     –  Tickets $10

Solo piano concert with Pianist Adrian Wagner.  For more information, visit  www.newpoetic.com 

A mix between classical, jazz, eastern music, and simplicity, this night will offer an inward journey into harmony, the rich sonic tapestry of the piano, and a musical experience created in the moment. In the following of Ketih Jarret, each performance is unique – an exploration of melody, texture, humanity, feeling, and resolve.             Please arrive on time for a brief period of silence, followed by the performance.

Adrian Wagner

Between testament and silence, there is a space where the subtle can emerge. For the past 28 years, Adrian Wagner has explored the piano as a means of inner listening, expression, and global connection.

Adrian grew up surrounded by both classical choral music and southern gospel jazz. From those roots, he eventually moved to New York Ctiy, studying jazz piano for 4 years while being immersed in that rich tapestry of culture. He later studied world music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 1999, he traveled to Zimbabwe for 6 months, exploring the depths of shona music, ceremony, and the mbria. He has toured with the Wassabi Collective, Ganga Giri, PureBlend, and The Ensemble Project, in NYC, a 2 year long dance and musical ensemble led by one of the great improvisational teachers, Katherine Flourier. He also lived at the Yasodara Ashram for 1 year where he dove into the exploration of bajhans and devotional music.





Saskia & Darell: The Great Plains Concert September 19th

  A Concert with Saskia & Darrel; The Great Plains “Song of the Prairies”Thursday, September 19th at 7:30 PM                                   Advance Tickets $10/ Available at Mercado’s or $12 at the door

Saskia & Darrel - Fjellgaard 114~Folk~Celtic~Bluegrass~

A heart-warming evening of music, merriment, and mayhem, as and Saskia & Darrel enlighten with tales of war brides, ghost towns, and Cultis Jim.

 The fact that Saskia and Darrel often tour with Gary Fjellgaard, and more recently also with folk legend Valdy, speaks volumes about their abilities as musicians and song writers. When asked what style of music they play, the answer is simple; “Folk Music”.  A collection of their original songs written about; War brides,  Louis Riel, Cultis Jim, love and life in rural Canadian communities and leaving the “Porchlight On” for a young son exploring his world.

 Saskia and Darrel are certainly no strangers to the Kootenays as they lived in Revelstoke for many years. Saskia (Sasha) played throughout BC with different bands such as DejaVu and Mozaik. Today Saskia and Darrel perform as a duo called the Great Plains.

 Together they deliver an exciting blend of music, an unpredictable series of songs that change every night. They perform throughout all of Canada and Western Europe. Under the shelter of their newly formed band name “The Great Plains”  they are cultivating a following across Canada & Europe, winning over their fans one town; one hall at a time.

Brag Section!  They have toured extensively with Canadian Juno Award Winners  Gary Fjellgaard and Valdy, and have notables like Daniel Powter, Darby Mills, Steve Dawson, Bill Hicks (Powder Blues), and Nolan Murray (Tiller’s Folly) appearing on their 10 CD’s. Performed with Good Brothers, Stampeders, Emerson Drive, and many more….They were awarded Top Folk /Roots Album in Holland for May of 2010,  Artist, Album, and Songwriter of the year from SCMA, received  Top 5 People’s choice awards, Top 10 in Unisong. Made it to the top 100 in Billboard 1998 and still enjoy abundant airplay on CBC and many Indie Radio stations around the world.

Reviews!!! One of the Great Songwriters in Canada; By: Gary Fjellgaard”!!! “The Voice of an Angel”.  Gerrit Vermeij. Radio 2  Holland !!!  “Standing Ovation in Switzerland”.  Signed Robert Collette, Ambassador, Berne/Canadian Embassy, Bern.!!! “Wild response from the Audience in P.E.I.”. Todd Maclean. The Guardian, Charlotte Town, Prince Edward Island.

www.thegreatplains.ca      http://www.youtube.com/user/saskiandarrel

Blues man Doc MacLean, Nov. 7th, 8pm 12-15$ sliding scale

Doc McLean at the Silverton Gallery, October, 2012

Doc MacLean at the Silverton Gallery, October, 2012


Doc MacLean will be  performing a solo concert, playing his original songs and adaptations of classic blues tunes, playing bottleneck and standard guitar.  While his lyrics are mainly contemporary, his approach as a guitarist-songster reflects not only his exposure to southern string bands and jug bands, but also to Delta players and storytellers such as Charlie Patton, Son House, and Sam Chatmon..  Since 1973 Doc MacLean has appeared at significant North American folk and blues festivals. 

Now, marking 40 years on the blues highway, Doc’s work as a songwriter reflects his family roots in the labor movement, his time spent living and performing in the rural southern United States, and his personal connections to the oral and musical history of the Delta. He views his own compositions as part of an unbroken tradition. Now, America rediscovers its roots, new audiences are discovering Doc MacLean.

Exactly one year ago Doc MacLean played at the Gallery to an enthusiastic audience, with guest performer Morgan Davis.

Hailing from the Deep South (Mississippi), MacLean has played washboard, harmonica and guitar with most of the great original delta bluesmen.  He has been band leader and recording artist for 30 years. His recent annual blues tours have been playing to full houses across Canada.  

Son of a civil rights lawyer and a fiddle player, Doc MacLean was exposed to country blues and folklore at an early age. By his early teens he was performing in coffeehouses and festivals, and was appearing on radio and television variety shows. Answering the call of the road, Doc traded a guitar for a 1948 Dodge and set out to explore America.

In a relentless cross country ramble, Doc MacLean sought out every living old time blues player he could find : artists such as Son House, Tampa Red, .Sippi Wallace, Yank Rachel, Robert Pete Williams, Rev Robert Wilkins and Bukka White.   With Colin Linden, he became a popular opener for Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Muddy Waters, and John Hammond, and he toured with many other well known old-time blues arists. 1First known for his work as an accompanist on harmonica and washboard, Doc proceeded to make his own mark as a guitarist, singer, arranger and band leader. For 15 years he toured a 9 piece Memphis- New Orleans jump band, Dr Limbo and His Fabulous Off-Whites, and released a number of singles- some of which achieved heavy regional and college airplay. 








The Slocan Lake Gallery Society invites all members and the general public to our Annual General Meeting on Sunday, October 27th from 3-5 pm at the Gallery.
The Board needs new members, and is going through big transitions after serving the community faithfully as an Arts Centre since 1981.
Snacks will be served!  




Justine Bennett Comes Home August 30th

Justine best

Raised in Silverton, Justine Bennett was already impressing audiences by the time she was 5 years old.  Justine is a talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  Los Angeles is now home for Justine and affords her the chance to pursue music full time. 

 Her accolades include working as a studio session singer on dozens of artists’ albums and for producers including the legendary Grammy award winning Glen Ballard (Michael Jackson, Alanis Morrisette), lending her vocals to the latest Cover Girl commercial, having her original songs featured on many popular T.V. shows including the CW’s “One Tree Hill” and ABC’s “Pretty Little Liars”. Most recently, she starred as Joan Baez in the LA Times’ critically acclaimed folk musical “Lonesome Traveler”.Justine has released 3 original EP’s and has a full-length album titled “Orchards” due out this fall. Come share an intimate evening of music in her absolutely favorite venue, the Silverton Gallery!   www.justinebennett.com     Starts  8 pm, 12$ at the door.




Sean Ashby “Slide &Twang Tour” August 23rd

Sean Ashby – One of Canada’s top guitarists, songwriter and recording artist.  Show starts: 7:30pm  12$

Sean Ashby at the Silverton Gallery, August 2012

Sean Ashby at the Silverton Gallery, August 2012

Sarah McLachlan’s guitarist on the original Lilith Fair, as well as the Mirrorball and Afterglow albums , Ashby appeared with her on“Just Like You (Cats In The Cradle)” for D from Run DMC’s solo CD. Also with Sarah, he received two 4 x platinum US discs and one diamond Canadian disc for studio and live CD’s.

He has appeared on the Grammy Awards twice, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno five times, SNL and David Letterman three times, as well as other major TV shows. Sean’s guitar playing has appeared on CD’s with sales in excess of 10 million copies worldwide… so far.

When asked about his hopes for his solo future Sean says “ I am working at building an audience for my music, playing shows and improving as a songwriter and performer.” Since Brass and Gold’s release in 2008, Sean has been touring relentlessly, performing over 200 shows a year across Canada and the US, and somehow squeezing in two tours with Delirium as well. He’s making new fans , and being asked to return everywhere he goes. His albums “24 Hours of Daylight” , showcases Sean’s guitar skills and earthy vocals on a new set of strong tunes with a rootsy bent. This record also features his amazing technique on lap steel guitar, a highlight of his live shows. “Fantastico,” (2012) is Sean’s most recent album. Sean is keeping up a heavy touring schedule again this year, visiting most of Canada and the US in 2012 and 2013. www.seanashby.com

Holly and John Concert August 15th, 7:30. $10.

Holly and Jon



These local musicians (Winlaw/Lemon Creek) bring expert guitar and

superb vocals to traditional and original blues compositions.

They’ve opened for the legendary Leon Russell and blues sensation

Jimmy Bowskill. They’ve rocked the house at Silverton’s Winter Blues

Boogie. Holly performed at the Lionel Hampton International Jazz

Festival and opened for jazz/blues virtuoso Carlos Del Junco. She’s

been called one of the most promising young female emerging blues

singers on the scene today. Jon has performed with blues icons Sonny

Rhodes and Rita Chiarelli.

Listen to some tracks at http://hollyandjon.com

Gallery offers workshops in Sound Recording

The Art of Sound Recording : 4 Workshops                                                                                         Silverton Gallery on July 6, 13, Aug. 10, 25th, 1- 4 pm                             5$ registration fee.   Tuition is FREE or by donation.  _DSC0265

July 6th Workshop 1:  Introduction to Gallery Equipment                Leader:   J Buttle.  Introduction to the sound equipment currently used at the Silverton Gallery, including the new 24 channel mixing board and 16 channel digital sound card.  Participants will learn basic sound reinforcement, system set- up, basic recording set up, basic room management.

July 13th Workshop 2:  Elements of Sound Reinforcement (using the PA system) Leader:  Shuggy Milligan.  Introduction to specific characteristics of sound that affect reinforcement. This will include: characteristics of microphones, instruments and rooms.

 August 10th Workshop 3:  Computer Recording Basics                 Leader:  JC van Breugal.  Introduction to the basics of home computer recording systems, including working with Logic 9 computer program, and basics of Mixing and Mastering

 August 25th Workshop 4:  Electricity, power, and impedance    Leader:  Howard Bearham.  Participants will learn about cables, connectors, signal phase shift and signal amplification.

Maximum 12 participants.  Youth 16+ years encouraged to apply. 

Info/registration : bookings@silvertongallery.ca;  250-358-7198

The Sound Studio Project is sponsored by the Slocan Lake Gallery Society, and is made possible by donations from Kootenay Savings Community Fund, Columbia-Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA), BC Arts Council (BCAC), and a bequest from Chie Kamegaya.


by Art Joyce Article courtesy of the Valley Voice newspaper

 The Silverton Gallery, a popular venue for music and arts events in the north valley, is getting a boost with new sound equipment. While newer isn’t always better, much of the existing equipment dates to the 1970s and has long been in need of replacement.

Thanks to grants from the Columbia-Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA), Recreation Commission #6, Kootenay Savings Credit Union and Chie Kamigaya, musicians will now have a greatly expanded sound palette to work with. The 24-channel soundboard will open up the number of instruments and voices that can be managed. Two new self-powered PA speakers will feature both ample power and clarity. The soundboard will have an Apogee Symphony audio interface for computer recording, offering professional quality sound transfer.

“What’s special about this unit is that it allows all the individual instruments feeding the sound board to be recorded simultaneously and individually,” says gallery board member and sound technician Jay Buttle. “The artist can take away the recordings and mix the way they like it if they want to change anything from how the room sounded when they actually did the performance. And they can fix a mistake made by one instrument without re-recording the entire group.”

Buttle says that the decision to upgrade the system was made for several reasons. While the old equipment could be made to work, it was reaching the point where it no longer met the expectations of a modern performance space. It was simply unable to integrate with modern equipment and lacked the flexibility to meet the needs of diverse users. Buttle—a bass player who performs with local band Shades of Loud—was behind the initiative to add recording capacity to the system.

“As a performing artist myself, it seemed like a service that would be very appealing to receive. So our thought was that developing this capacity will open the opportunity to attract more diverse and possibly bigger name acts.”

He sees the recording capacity as a boon to both artists and the gallery. With permission from the artists, recordings could be sold on compilations to raise funds for the gallery. Live recordings are another potential subsidy to attract artists to the venue, since they can use these recordings to benefit their own careers. So far the response from artists has been very positive.

“They view it as an extraordinary opportunity to get high-quality recordings at non-profit rates, which is virtually unheard of. Most live recordings at other venues are limited to the house-mix—what is heard by the audience. To walk away with fully separated recordings is a big deal.”

Buttle says the older equipment often required problem solving on the fly, which can be a nightmare in the middle of a gig. While there’s a steep learning curve associated with the new system, he feels the expanded capacity is well worth it.

The new sound system took shape between July and November 2012 and is now essentially complete. Buttle says there are still a few minor additions that would make the system function better as a whole, but it is fully capable of doing the job. Artists wanting access to the new equipment can do so by booking the gallery space for an event. Please specify what services are required when booking, for example, just soundboard services or soundboard plus live recordings and custom mixing. The gallery will require that the equipment is supervised by one of its own sound tech team members.

Anyone interested in being trained to become part of the gallery’s sound engineering team can contact Buttle through the gallery at bookings@silvertongallery.ca.




Country Roots with Steve Palmer August 3rd- Guitar Workshop August 4th

Steve Palmer, Troubador to play the Galley on February 5th

Steve Palmer, Troubador to play the Gallery on August 3rd



From opening for rock greats like Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton in the 60’s, to sharing the stage nowadays with acoustic legends like Valdy and Fred Eaglesmith, Steve Palmer has covered a lot of miles and played a lot of music. Over these years he has developed his own style, a personal blend of Country, Folk, Gospel, Blues, and Ragtime performed acoustically on 6 and 12 string guitars.  Steve’s distinctive vocal sound has been described as comforting as a “warm blanket on a cold winter’s night” (Jericho Folk Club) or as a “shady tree on a hot summer’s day” (Scott Cook).www.spmusic.ca

 GUITAR WORKSHOP AUGUST 4TH, 2 PM $10 (see below)

Country-Roots Guitar Workshop with Stephen Palmer on Sunday, August 4th, 2-4 pm.$10. Includes an 8 page tab hand-out for future study. No formal music reading skills are required. “We cover several rhythm guitar styles and the basics of Carter and Travis style picking as featured in my concerts. Hammer-ons and pull-offs are covered and some good left and right hand development exercises”. Info/registration: 250-358-7198 / bookings@silvertongallery.ca