June 11th Laura Landsberg at the Memorial Hall opening with James Lamb


4panel_1halfmoonPocket_EcoJacketWednesday, June 11th at the Silverton Memorial Hall (Gallery Building is closed for repairs): Nelson Jazz singer Laura Landsberg with her 5 piece band.Special guest opening act: Singer/songwriter/guitarist James Lamb. Laura Landsberg has been performing her unique blend of jazz, blues, and gospel music throughout North America for over twenty years. As well as leading her own groups, she has performed with Chucho Valdez, The Brubeck Brothers, Neil Swainson, Hugh Fraser and VEJI, and the Spokane Jazz Orchestra. 

Although Laura has been described as, “A remarkably fresh and unpretentious singer” (Spokesman Review), perhaps Paul Grant (CBC Hot Air), put it best when he stated, “With so many singers trying to sound like someone else, it’s a treat to hear Laura Landsberg’s fresh and original voice..she’s a natural.” Show 7:30 Doors 7:00. Tickets at the door $15, $10 for students.

  She has just released a new album, “A Simple Twist”.  More info about Laura at: www.lauralandsberg.com

james-monmarte-soloJames Lamb is a Canadian singer-songwriter-guitarist born into a musical family from Nelson, BC. His aunt is well-known jazz singer Pauline Lamb. Known for his fascinating compositions & tasteful, highly regarded musicianship, he has endorsements from luminaries such as songwriters David Francey and Dan Magnan.

He has performed in art spaces, established venues, yoga studios, stranger’s houses, on festival stages and the Via rail lounge car. His live presentation can haunt a room with thoughtful joy and his unique voice and commanding stage presence can plunge even the noisiest bar goers into mesmerized silence.  Check him out at www.jameslambmusic.com


Art Joyce Book Launch May 29th

Laying the Children’s Ghosts to Rest: Canada’s Home Children in the West    by Sean Arthur Joyce,  Hagios Press, 2014

Local Author Sean Arthur (Art) Joyce will launch his new book with a reception at the Gallery on Thursday, May 29th.  With musical guest Jon Burden (of Holly and Jon fame),  Doors open: 7 pm, Starts 7:30.  

Sean Arthur Joyce 2014Between 1869 and 1949 more than 100,000 children were rounded up from the streets of Britain to be used as labourers in Canadian homes. Today there are four million or more descendants of what were derisively known in Canada as ‘home children’—one in eight Canadians. Writer and journalist Sean Arthur Joyce was shocked to learn in middle age that he is one of those descendants. These child immigrants had little choice: they could live in abject poverty in the slums of the United Kingdom and Ireland, or be shipped to a strange country, never to see their home or family again. For the boys that usually meant back-breaking labour from dawn ’til dusk on a farm. For the girls, it often meant being vulnerable to sexual abuse in isolated farm households. While some children would be welcomed into loving homes, many did not live to be adults. Those that did formed the backbone of Canada at a critical juncture in its history.

Laying the Children’s Ghosts to Rest is a captivating blend of memoir and history and offers the reader a personal, and highly readable narrative on the subject of Western Canada’s ‘home children’. With painstaking research and an ability to bring personal details to life, Joyce imbues the stories of ‘home children’ with a sense of redemption and human dignity in his quest for healing. Joyce asks, “Are we a people who have lost our ghosts? Or are we in fact haunted by them, but can’t remember their names?” as he raises the spectre of thousands of child ghosts who inhabit our Canadian landscape.


Saturday, May 31st, The Great Gallery Gathering and Final Event

 Discussion at 4 p.m, followed by potluck meal and open stage.
“Come for the discussion; stay for the potluck and party.” All welcome.
silverton gallery-2As the Silverton Gallery closes the door after 35 year of uninterrupted programming, the Slocan Lake Gallery Society Board invites all it’s members and supporters to discuss the future direction of the Society and Gallery facility. Your ideas and input are needed. Important decisions must be made.

The Mishras: Classical Music from India

Mishras 2014 Tour Poster Silverton for Web
 The musical traditions of India are as ancient as humanity itself. Emotional, technical, artistic, transformative, passionate, spiritual; Indian classical music is all this and much more. Come for a rare evening with sitar masters Pandit Shivanth Mishra and his son Deobrat Mishra, who respectively represent the 10th and 11th generation of classical musicians from Varanasi, India.

The award winning Mishra’s have been touring all over the world for decades, playing for the royalty of Europe, the saints of Asia, and for everyone in the world who loves music.  The Mishra’s are joined on this tour by Sunny Matharu on tabla and Pandit Tejomaya on tanpura. This is an evening you shouldn’t miss



Let us enjoy the accomplishments of our youth !

The grade 4,5 and 6 class are putting on an extravaganza that will include spoken word, music and visual arts, created with the guidance of their class teacher, Katrina Sumrall, art teacher Morgen Bardati and music teachers Martine DenBok, Kevin Heshedahl,and Logan Carlstrom. Music includes offerings on guitar, violin, piano and voice. There will be home made treats for sale. Starts at 7 pm, Admission by donation.


Certified Mango poster 3CERTIFIED MANGO at the Silverton Gallery

Saturday 24th May 2014 doors 7pm … showtime 7.30pm   tickets at the door $10

If you like your world music with a jazzy, sometimes oblique edge, this is the band for you. Certified Mango presents all original music composed by Paul ‘Garbanzo’ Gibbons with influences ranging from Cuban Rumba and Mambo, to Tango, Samba, Bossa Nova, Cumbia, and North African beats. Moods move from dreamy, groovy and hypnotic to up-beat and danceable. All six musicians are from the New Denver/Silverton/Kaslo area: Howard Bearham on saxes, Aiko Jackson on piano, Shelley Dobie on bass, Lorna Visser on clarinet, Tsuneko ‘Koko’ Kokubo on bongos and percussion, Paul Gibbons on congas.

Certified Mango is pleased to be part of the SIlverton Gallery’s “Live at the Gallery” CD project. This is the final concert in the recording series which is supported by a grant from the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.



“HOMESPUN” an exhibition of artwork by New Denver artist, NADINE STEFAN will take place at the Silverton Art Gallery, from May 9th through to May 17th ,2014 .  Hours are 11 – 4 throughout the week.  The Opening Reception will be held Friday, May 9th from 7 – 9 PM.  All welcome.


This body of work addresses the notion of “home”. This word pertains to a dwelling place, a state of mind or a feeling of comfort, security and well being. The artwork on exhibit developed into installations that incorporate, clothes reclaimed at the local donation store, bed sheets given to the artist by friends, neighbors and family, and underbrush gathered while on favorite walking paths in the area.  Stefan has processed these items in a variety of ways that include staging photographs, collaging drawings of hands and feet into bed sheets as well as pinning together the stuff of life into assemblages that resemble blankets.  As clotheslines are still a common sight in the Kootenays, Nadine has embraced it as the primary infrastructure for all of the work to be hung. Stefan comments, “it has been a little like metaphorically hanging your emotions and thoughts out on a clothesline. I admit that it was a bit uncomfortable to put your deepest feelings out in public as moments of your life are at risk of being exposed.   What attracted me to this metaphor was how similar this creative process has been to the act of hanging laundry out to dry to wave in the wind for all to see.  What got revealed to me by way of insight was how much part of cultivating that sense of home, for me, was in feeling that freedom to let your vulnerabilities show. This series is a testament to life, love and community – the inter-weavings of what we call home that profoundly affect both body and spirit.”

 This project was funded in part by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.  An outdoor installation as part of this series will be exhibited in New Denver,BC throughout the month of May, 2014.