2015 AGM President’s Report

The Board very much appreciates the support and help given to the SLGS by way of membership and voluntary work – indeed your continued support is vital to the society and without it we could not promote the arts in our small but very talented community.

The SLGS has been blessed this year with a strong, diligent and positive Board, every member working hard to accomplish our mission statement – to promote, encourage and support the arts on all platforms in our community and to undertake the role of the local arts council. I believe the society has achieved its goal with our members’ support and the help of the British Columbia Arts Council’s Annual Performance Award Basic, which the SLGS was again fortunate to receive. We have also applied and were granted the BCAC Basic Assistance Award, the Community Initiatives Grants, the Kootenay Savings Foundation Grant, Recreation 6 Grants and Kootenay Cultural Alliance Awards (CKCA) which the SLGS administers for grants to local individuals and groups to support their art projects or events. These awards have all helped to provide a vibrant arts culture for us all to enjoy.

As we await the renovation of the gallery, the Board has focused this year on collaborative ventures and community engagement, the latter including the Networking Meeting that brought together all local societies to discuss their needs and ways to work together. This was later followed by a grant writing workshop. Our collaborative project, together with the Valhalla Fine Arts Society and the Rec 6 Commission, to subsidize children’s music lessons continues while some of our more prominent collaborative events included the 25th Anniversary of the Kohan Garden with the SLUGS, the very successful Confluence Art Show with the Hidden Garden Gallery and the Pumpkin Carving Workshops and Gingerbread house decorating with Lucerne School. Other events the SLGS has organized include our series of concerts, the Spring Break Art Classes for children and youth, the Lip Sync Rehearsal Sessions, the book launch of Eloise Charet’s book, “Never without our Children” and the Improv Theatre Workshop – a true eclectic mix I believe giving encouragement and support to the arts and improving the quality of life in our great community.

As you can imagine, all of these projects and events take a great deal of work to organize and execute and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Board for all their hard work and commitment to the SLGS. Each member has put in a tremendous amount of voluntary time into ensuring that the society runs smoothly and in accordance with the Society Act while upholding our mission statement. The members of the Board are Paula Cravens, Secretary, Judy Maltz, Treasurer, Nonie Jackson, Volunteer Coordinator and Teri Freeman, CKCA Administrator. I would also like to thank the hard working Programming Committee that explores and arranges events for Board approval. The committee meets regularly and is chaired by Sue Mistretta and includes with Carla Nemiroff, Katrina Sumrall, and Martha Nichols, Teri Freeman, Judy Maltz, Nonie Jackson and myself.

With regard to the Silverton Gallery building, the Village of Silverton earlier this year applied to the federal Western Economic Diversification 150 Canada grant to help renovate the gallery and should this award be granted, together with the funds from the VOS and SLGS, work can begin on renovating our wonderful, versatile facility. I also plan to initiate crowd funding for the building but in the meantime we very much hope the federal grant comes through.

Lastly the Board and I would like to express our sincere thanks to all our members who have supported the SLGS over the last year and hope you can accept our invitation to the AGM and the Members’ Social Event. Do visit our website at http://silvertongallery.ca/ or our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Silverton-Gallery/213158115381598?fref=ts
for future and past events. You can also email us at society@silvertongallery.ca

With kind regards, Penelope Stuart, President.

Happy New Year 2016

mr1Happy New Year 2016. Start dreaming big dreams!

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