Slocan Lake Gallery Society

The Slocan Lake Gallery Society is guided in all of their activities by the desire  to develop a community of artistic excellence,  through the education and engagement of local youth, mentoring from local artists, and the introduction of traveling professionals. The Slocan Lake Gallery Society has been an integral component of a vibrant arts community, steeped in the tradition of bucking norms and risk taking in all aspects of artistic expression.

Activities spurred by the Slocan Lake Gallery Society have ranged the breadth of media and topical interests.  Involving the classically oriented Valhalla Summer School of Music & Suzuki programs offered through the Valhalla Fine Arts Society (that draws internationally diverse talents), to avant-garde stage productions, to stirring visual art exhibitions, the Slocan Lake Gallery Society has included members of all demographic segments of our population and of the wider world.  This is always guided by a desire to be culturally inclusive and to encourage education with respect to our historic roots – including the aboriginal history, doukhobor settlement, Japanese internment chapter, the mining and forestry history and the current diversity of population.  For example, in September 2011,  the photography show “Unearthed” depicted the underground world of the silver mines in the Slocan Valley in an unconventional way by the creative use of light resulting in abstract thought provoking art.

The board of the Slocan Lake Gallery Society is actively engaged with the wider community of local organizations to streamline operations and to leverage activities and talents into a more effective delivery of community minded arts and cultural programming.  The board is a public body and opens the process to the general public to ensure that the community values are represented in the administration of the Gallery’s activities.


The SLGS consists of 4 elected officials: President, V.P,  Secretary, Treasurer, and a Board of Directors.  One of the board members is also the volunteer coordinator.  We have an active membership and renewal happens each year at our AGM and through our yearly membership drive.   All aspects of programming and events are managed by the board of directors, elected officials, and our membership on a volunteer basis.  The funding history includes membership fees,  private donations, admissions, fund raising events, grants from local government, BCAC, Columbia BasinTrust Community Initiatives, Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (programs: 1, 2, 11),  Regional District- Area H Recreation #6 grants, Kootenay Savings Community Foundation all in the past year.  In years past, we have utilized gaming grant funds.