Adrian Wagner pianist October 26th

 7pm     –  Tickets $10

Solo piano concert with Pianist Adrian Wagner.  For more information, visit 

A mix between classical, jazz, eastern music, and simplicity, this night will offer an inward journey into harmony, the rich sonic tapestry of the piano, and a musical experience created in the moment. In the following of Ketih Jarret, each performance is unique – an exploration of melody, texture, humanity, feeling, and resolve.             Please arrive on time for a brief period of silence, followed by the performance.

Adrian Wagner

Between testament and silence, there is a space where the subtle can emerge. For the past 28 years, Adrian Wagner has explored the piano as a means of inner listening, expression, and global connection.

Adrian grew up surrounded by both classical choral music and southern gospel jazz. From those roots, he eventually moved to New York Ctiy, studying jazz piano for 4 years while being immersed in that rich tapestry of culture. He later studied world music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. In 1999, he traveled to Zimbabwe for 6 months, exploring the depths of shona music, ceremony, and the mbria. He has toured with the Wassabi Collective, Ganga Giri, PureBlend, and The Ensemble Project, in NYC, a 2 year long dance and musical ensemble led by one of the great improvisational teachers, Katherine Flourier. He also lived at the Yasodara Ashram for 1 year where he dove into the exploration of bajhans and devotional music.