Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (CKCA) Grants

As the local Arts Council, Silverton Gallery Society administers Program 1 & 2 of Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) funding via the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance. See

Sue Mistretta manages this on behalf of the Society and she can be reached at Stay tuned for 2018 deadlines.

2017 Awards:

Fiber Arts Festival by FibreFeelia

Song for a Winter’s Night by Freya

Intro to Encaustics

2016 Awards:

Seeds & the Hidden Life of Plants

New Denver Artwalk 2016 by Theresa Tremaine

Homefires  by Nadine Stefan

Early New Denver: A Guide to 1891-1904  Henning von Krogh

Artists in the Park by SLGS

Community String Program by Sue Mistretta

2015 Awards:

Justin Ogilvie Workshop  by Paula Cravens 

Certified Mango by Paul Gibbons

Creative Dance with Nicole by Valhalla Fine Arts

Showcasing Traditional Japanese Art Forms by SLGS

Musicians & Poets Celebrate the Kohan by Kohan Reflection Gardens

Fires of Creation by Mona Bokstrom