The history of the Silverton Gallery

The history of the Silverton Gallery building began in 1912 as a schoolhouse to educate Silverton’s children.  In the early 1980’s renovations began and the building was taken over by the Slocan Lake Gallery Society and since that time the building had been used as the town’s principle community meeting place, cultural centre, workshop space, public art gallery, and music venue to local people as well as visiting artists/musicians on tour.

The Slocan Lake Gallery Society (SLGS), a non-profit organization had maintained and managed the building on a long-term lease for 27 years from the Village of Silverton. The Silverton Gallery was the principal community space, providing an essential venue for recreation and communal meetings.  Its popularity attested to its social and historical importance.  The SLGS organized art exhibits, coffeehouses, cabarets, concerts, theatre, community events and workshops. These diverse events unite people of mixed cultures and ages offering a forum for arts, culture, recreation, and learning.