Holly and Jon CD Launch Saturday, November 10th. Only $6!! Pay at the door.

Holly Hyatt, vocals and bass; Jon Burden, acoustic, slide guitar and vocals, play songs from their new acoustic, blues/roots album “1929 The Summit Sessions”.

The record contains nine original tunes, including the single “Wash Over Me” and two Robert Johnson songs.

The title of the album comes from the song “Back to 1929” which is a song about going back to the year 1929 and what it might have been like in the deep south at that time on a Saturday night, after working all week in the fields. They also pay tribute to some of the old blues men of that era by mentioning them in the song. This song was also the first one written for the CD and the year 1929 was really the start of the whole blues recording boom and the Race Record market in the south.

“We’re both deeply influenced by the acoustic blues/roots music that began in that era and came out of the southern states and on this recording our goal was to present that style of music in a contemporary fashion while staying true to the roots.”

Holly and Jon CD release show at The Silverton Gallery on Saturday, Nov 10, $6. at the door.  www.hollyandjon.com