“HOMESPUN” an exhibition of artwork by New Denver artist, NADINE STEFAN will take place at the Silverton Art Gallery, from May 9th through to May 17th ,2014 .  Hours are 11 – 4 throughout the week.  The Opening Reception will be held Friday, May 9th from 7 – 9 PM.  All welcome.


This body of work addresses the notion of “home”. This word pertains to a dwelling place, a state of mind or a feeling of comfort, security and well being. The artwork on exhibit developed into installations that incorporate, clothes reclaimed at the local donation store, bed sheets given to the artist by friends, neighbors and family, and underbrush gathered while on favorite walking paths in the area.  Stefan has processed these items in a variety of ways that include staging photographs, collaging drawings of hands and feet into bed sheets as well as pinning together the stuff of life into assemblages that resemble blankets.  As clotheslines are still a common sight in the Kootenays, Nadine has embraced it as the primary infrastructure for all of the work to be hung. Stefan comments, “it has been a little like metaphorically hanging your emotions and thoughts out on a clothesline. I admit that it was a bit uncomfortable to put your deepest feelings out in public as moments of your life are at risk of being exposed.   What attracted me to this metaphor was how similar this creative process has been to the act of hanging laundry out to dry to wave in the wind for all to see.  What got revealed to me by way of insight was how much part of cultivating that sense of home, for me, was in feeling that freedom to let your vulnerabilities show. This series is a testament to life, love and community – the inter-weavings of what we call home that profoundly affect both body and spirit.”

 This project was funded in part by the Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.  An outdoor installation as part of this series will be exhibited in New Denver,BC throughout the month of May, 2014.