Lindsey Walker Concert April 5th

Start time: 7 pm. Admission only 5$!!!

Lindsey Walker at the Silverton Gallery May, 2013

Lindsey Walker at the Silverton Gallery May, 2013


Lindsey Walker is a singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice and a host of original songs with heart felt lyrics.  She is based in Edmonton where she is a well-known musician and actress.   

Lindsey Walker "Our Glory" Album

Lindsey Walker “Our Glory” Album

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Walker was nominated for a 2013 Edmonton Music Award for “Artist to Watch”. She has made a name for herself in the Edmonton music scene as a celebrated songstress. Transcending genres, Walker’s style varies from smoky jazz to psychedelic rock.


Lindsey will be touring in April to British Columbia in support of her debut EP, Our Glory. Stops include Vancouver, Victoria, Summerland, Kaslo, Silverton, Port Alberni, Revelstoke, Banff and Kamloops.


 “The songs chosen for the album were sparked by a conversation I had with a close friend who’d mentioned we are always one step away from being the very thing we fear: being homeless and having to ask strangers for help, selling whatever you can to feed an addiction. Our Glory is dedicated to the memory of my aunt, Gloria. The songexplores the emotional reality of living in a society which treats people as disposable, pathetic even. It’s something I don’t – I just can’t – agree with.” 

(EDMONTON – March 2014) – An ode to an aunt she will never know, local songstress Lindsey Walker has set out to release her debut EP in dedication to her aunt. The album’s title track, Our Glory, commemorates the missing women of East Vancouver and traces Walker’s own emotional journey of discovering her own aunt had been missing for more than 20 years, a suspected victim of infamous serial killer Robert Pickton.

 “I will never forget the moment I realized my aunt – my own flesh and blood – was a suspected victim of the Pickton murders,” says Walker. “It started with a police poster I found online with her photo which read ‘missing since 1993.’ Twenty years since she had vanished. She was only 27 years old when she went missing. In that instant, I knew I had to dedicate myself to learning as much as I could about East Vancouver as well as the missing women. Her name was everywhere.”  It wasn’t planned to have Walker’s release 20 years after the disappearance of her aunt, but Walker believes that it was all meant to happen this way. “So many strange coincidences have come along with this album. I feel that my aunt, Gloria is around this whole process. It’s pretty magical.”