Benefits of Membership

Besides the basic Membership in the Slocan Lake Arts Council, the Society offers 2 extra categories of Memberships:

  1. Monthly membership rate ($75.00) to use the Makers Space for ongoing art, crafts, and other making projects.
  2. Yearly donation ($480.00) which includes a CRA receipt as well as 12 building rentals a year.  Contact for more info.

Click here for Society Membership & Donation Form

So, why join your local Arts Council? Here’s why:

Vote for Art

Community Event Collaborations & Support Services via office use

Art Space & Building Management

Assistance for CKCA grant applications

Monthly membership fee ($75.00) for use of the Makers Space

Reduced rental fees for the Makers Workshop

Event listings on the website

Participation in a creative Community Dialogue

Reduced rental fees for Performance Theatre

Reduced fees for Visual Arts Gallery

Reduced entrance fees to many Arts Council Events

Collaborative grant writing for appropriate projects

Access to BC Arts Advocacy and funding initiative

Yearly membership benefits

Options for grant sponsorships via CRA Charity designation