Michael Guthrie, September 27th

Mike 2Michael Guthrie on Friday, September 27th at 7:30 PM. Admission is $10.00. Guthrie plays a mix of Country Blues, Folk and his own compositions using a variety of instruments: guitar, banjo-lin, rebab, lap steel, tambura. Guthrie has recorded two CD’s,  “MICHAEL GUTHRIE / Conscious Collective” and a Field Recording “MICHAEL GUTHRIE Live at Ellison’s Cafe”

“Michael Guthrie is the Real Deal’, a true Songster in the tradition of Mance Lipscomb or Big Joe Williams. His playing is a treat to hear” 
Richard Metzner, host of “Make Room for the Blues” KCR, Nelson B.C. 

Guthrie started the Langham Cultural Society, Kaslo, BC in 1974. He and his wife Darelyn owned and operated the Village Green Café in Kaslo, BC from 1973-79, probably the first coffee house venue in the West Kootenay region.  He is also a distant cousin of iconic folk singer, Woody Guthrie.

Mike Guthrie has this to say about some of the unusual instruments that he plays: ” A rebab is a 2 or 3 string instrument, sort of a primitive violin although some people pluck them (like me). They followed the Muslim migration and are descended from an ancient instrument, the Rababa, of Persia. Mine came from Indonesia. I have adapted it to my folk and blues music, it’s a lot of fun playing with two strings doing songs like “Shortinin’ ‘Bread” and a blues tune I wrote “Just Keep On Walkin’ “.

A Banjo-lin has a small banjo body with a mandolin neck, some prefer to call it a “Manjo”. They have been around a long time and are very suited to old time music, ragtime and blues. Some mandolin players don’t think it’s a real instrument, but Lloyd Loar played a banjo-lin and so did Woody Guthrie, and well….I have been playing mine for over 30 years now, that is when I’m not trying to play everything else out there with strings on it. See more at www.moorafa.com/