Sean Ashby “Slide &Twang Tour” August 23rd

Sean Ashby – One of Canada’s top guitarists, songwriter and recording artist.  Show starts: 7:30pm  12$

Sean Ashby at the Silverton Gallery, August 2012

Sean Ashby at the Silverton Gallery, August 2012

Sarah McLachlan’s guitarist on the original Lilith Fair, as well as the Mirrorball and Afterglow albums , Ashby appeared with her on“Just Like You (Cats In The Cradle)” for D from Run DMC’s solo CD. Also with Sarah, he received two 4 x platinum US discs and one diamond Canadian disc for studio and live CD’s.

He has appeared on the Grammy Awards twice, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno five times, SNL and David Letterman three times, as well as other major TV shows. Sean’s guitar playing has appeared on CD’s with sales in excess of 10 million copies worldwide… so far.

When asked about his hopes for his solo future Sean says “ I am working at building an audience for my music, playing shows and improving as a songwriter and performer.” Since Brass and Gold’s release in 2008, Sean has been touring relentlessly, performing over 200 shows a year across Canada and the US, and somehow squeezing in two tours with Delirium as well. He’s making new fans , and being asked to return everywhere he goes. His albums “24 Hours of Daylight” , showcases Sean’s guitar skills and earthy vocals on a new set of strong tunes with a rootsy bent. This record also features his amazing technique on lap steel guitar, a highlight of his live shows. “Fantastico,” (2012) is Sean’s most recent album. Sean is keeping up a heavy touring schedule again this year, visiting most of Canada and the US in 2012 and 2013.