SLGS minutes


August 6th SLGS board meeting 2016                                 

   Paula Cravens, recording

Present:  Penelope Stuart, Judith Maltz, Teri Freeman, Lora Lee Brekke, Andrea Saba, Paula Cravens

Absent:  Noni Jackson

Commenced 4:06


  1. Acceptance of the agenda
  2. Minutes of the last meeting
  3. President’s Report
  4. Treasurer’s Report
  5. Preliminary discussion of the AGM
  6. Programming
  7. New Societies act and recruitment workshop (added)


Motion to accept the Agenda with amendment:  moved, Paula,  seconded, Judith. Accepted.

Motion to accept the Minutes (amended) of the June 24th 2016 meeting:  moved, Lora Lee,  seconded, Andrea. Accepted.

President’s Report: (see attached)

Note: the board should consider scheduling entertainment event during the summer school of art base on the popularity of the puppet show this year.

Note:  A few people complained about getting too many emails from Carla, Paula, Sue AND Anne. Cut back on the number of people sending emails.

Action: Judith will check with Madleine regarding the concession for the Sean Ashby show.

Note:  Penelope will be away until Sept. 5.

Treasurer’s Report:

Sheri will now be doing the books bi-monthly to save us a little money.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report:  moved, Lora Lee,  seconded, Penelope. Accepted.

Motion to support the SLUGS presentation of Sansei: the storyteller in the amount of $500: moved, Penelope,  seconded, Teri. Accepted. We have been advised that if there is money left over from the event, we will receive some monies back.

Motion to support “Tango Quartet” by sponsoring the event in the Silverton Memorial Hall and giving $100 towards expenses (ie.  Clean-up). The co-sponsorship by SLGS must be mentioned in all advertising. moved, Penelope,  seconded, Andrea. Accepted.

Discussion to hold another Pumpkin Carving event with Peter Voglar and in conjunction with L.E.S.S..  SLGS donating $200 towards the event. Awaiting further information.

Discussion concerning the Hanukkah event. Changing it to the “Celebration of Ligh Event” event to be more inclusive and because Hanukkah arrives late (Dec. 24) this year. No potluck this year. Open mic and dancing encouraged.

Action: Teri will ask Therese Descamp if she would consider being a co-organzer.

AGM has been set for Saturday, October 22nd. We will serve a luncheon of soup and one wine ticket. Considering asking Richard Burton to perform (set for $75) We will need a liquor license and a “serving it right” person.

Penelope inquired who would be continuing with the board. Teri and Paula will not be standing for re-election. Lora Lee said she would consider carrying on as a board member if the school board does not become too onerous.

Motion to consider sending a board member to attend the Selkirk “New Societies Act” workshop in September.  Moved Penlope, ????

Next meeting:   September 15th, 4 pm at Andrea’s house



SLGS board meeting  June 24th 2016          Penelope Stuart, as secretary

Present: Penelope Stuart, Andrea Saba, Judy Maltz, Nonie Jackson, Teri Freeman

Apologies received from Paula Cravens and Lori Lee


Acceptance of the agenda

Minutes of the last meeting

President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

358 Exchange


Any Other Business

The Agenda was accepted

The minutes of the May 16th 2016 were accepted as read.

The President’s report was accepted by Judy and seconded by Teri.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted.  Judy also presented the BCAC budget.

Teri detailed the 7 CKCA projects that had been accepted, including the SLGS Art in the Park project.  The Board was informed about Theresa’s wish to postpone the start of her Art Walk Project. There was also discussion regarding the RDCK grant and how the remaining funds may be used.

Motion: to give a $50 honorarium to Wendy Harlock for the work she does advertising SLGS announcements and events in the 358.  Moved Judy, Penelope seconded.  All in favour.  Motion accepted.

Motion: to ask Essay Enterprises to provide 20 cards with a picture of the gallery to use as thank you cards.  Moved Penelope, Judy seconded.  All in favour.  Motion accepted.

Penelope told the meeting that she had emailed Krista Patterson of the CKCA on clarification as to the rules regarding paying Board members for work undertaken outside normal Board work.  Krista replied that this is acceptable but if there is a decision to be made regarding this the individual/s concerned have to leave the room when the discussions and voting take place.  This has long been a subject of discussion and it is good to now have clear guidance on procedure.

Penelope gave details of the Art in the Park project, supported by the CKCA.  Within the project proposal there is provision for a helper to the facilitator of Art in the Park for children and Andrea  and Nonie agreed to take this on while Penelope will ask Paula if she too would like to take part.

Penelope outlined the meeting she and Andrea had with the new CAO, Darrell Garceau, of The Village of Silverton which was very positive and friendly.  The VOS is re-applying for the Canada 150 Western Diversification infrastructure grant, which is offering a second round of awards.  The letter of support written by Penelope, that had been requested by the VOS, was presented at the meeting. This represents new hope for the refurbishment of the Silverton Gallery, which is much appreciated by the Board.

There was some discussion about the Art Walk project co-sponsored by the SLGS and the CKCA.  Doubts were expressed regarding the change of date from the summer to the fall or winter.  It was felt that this was not the optimum time and it may mean asking for a extension so that the Art Walk takes place in summer 2017.  It will be necessary to get approval from the CKCA.

There was a discussion about a possible one day art show to be held in the Silverton Day Park or the Kohan Garden.

Motion: to support the art show with a $200 budget taken from the RDCk grant. All in favour.  Motion accepted.

Andrea told the meeting about a proposal to bring a touring marionette show by the Runaway Moon Theatre Company, entitled ‘Robin in the Timeless Forest’ to Silverton.  This could take place on August 2nd when the VFAS will be holding their music school, hence providing a potentially larger audience.  Discussion ensued regarding how the SLGS can support this family show, organizing a small concession and the price of the tickets.

Motion: to support the marionette show by offering $300 to the performers and sharing 50/50 the door takings.  The tickets will be offered at $6 for adults and $3 for children.

Motion: to support a concert by The Scottish musician, Simon Kempston on Friday 16th September 2016 on the same basis as last year.  Penelope will book the Memorial Hall and offer Simon accommodation while Judy will contact him to confirm our support. All in favour.  Motion accepted.

Teri proposed co-sponsoring two events, financed from the RDCK grant:

  1.  With the Lucerne School, a textile art project facilitated by the Home Economic teacher, Paddy Sebbem. Students will be creating quilted wall hangings that will be displayed in a local restaurant, Rory’s on Main, to help defuse sound levels in the restaurant. The hangings will be created between September and December 2016.
  2.  With the Chamber of Commerce co-sponsoring the popular Air Band Concert held in the spring.

Motion: to support both events, the former with $500 and the latter with $500 and free booking of the Memorial Hall, which the SLGS will organize with the stipulation that our co-sponsorship/support is acknowledged in all advertising.  All in favour.  Motion carried.  

It was suggested that the SLGS take up membership of the Chamber of Commerce and they become members of the SLGS.

The meeting was adjourned.



SLGS May 2016 board meeting                 May 16, 2016 

Commenced: 1:45 pm

Present: Noni Jackson, Penelope Stuart, Judith Maltz, Teri Freeman, Paula Cravens, Andrea Saba,

Absent: Lora Lee Brekke

Attention: Be wary of planning events in October as we are planning to hold our AGM then.

Motion: to pay Dan an extra $50 for his work on the Coffee House (for this one event). Moved Penelope, seconded, Teri. Accepted.

President’s Report.  (see attached)

Treasurer’s Report:  There was no treasurer’s report this month.


Jeff Faragher concert

June 23rd, SLGS will pay him $500. He will supply posters. SLGS will collect tickets ($12) at the door.

Noni and Andrea will do the concession.

The Great Canadian Dog Show

July 1st, Noni, Andrea, Teri and Penelope will set up the tent.

Motion to pay $50 to the MC and up to $50 for prizes. ). Moved Penelope, seconded, Judy. Accepted.

Noni will supply drinks. There will be a donation jar.

Sean Ashby concert

SLGS will sponsor the event. Tickets are $12-15. Carla will be paid $40 for cleaning. Sean will provide the posters. Pay Carla $50 for the Ashby event publicity.

Action:  Penelope will talk to Carla about the silvertongallery gmail account.

Next meeting:  June 24th, 3:15 pm at Andrea’s

Meeting adjourned:  3:30 pm


SLGS March 5th, 2016 Finance meeting

Present:  Penelope Stuart, Judith Maltz, Paula Cravens, Teri Freeman, Andrea Saba, Lora Lee Brekke                              absent:   Noni Jackson

Special guest:  Sharie Merrifield (our bookkeeper)

Commenced:  11 am

Motion to create a contingency fund of $4000 to carry forward into April 2016-March 2017.  Moved, Judy, seconded, Lora Lee.  Accepted.

Motion to transfer the remaining Kamagaya (sp?) bequest, donations received prior to 2012 and “sound and lighting money” ($5, 113) to the building renovation account. Moved, Penelope, seconded, Andrea. Accepted.

In the event that the Silverton gallery building renovation does not proceed, the board will decide what to do with the $5,113.

Teri requests a proposed budget for 2016/2017. This is instrumental in applying for a RDCK discretionary or community development grant.

Paula was asked to list the following grant agencies on the website:  Recreation 6, Kootenay Savings,  Slocan Lake Legacy Fund.

Motion to donate $250 towards a grant to create a 5-day film making event (lead by Isaac and Orsi Carter in summer 2016) if the first stage of the film making classes programming at Spring Break is successful and we get the Recreation 6 grant.  Moved, Judith, seconded, Lora Lee. Accepted. Please attach event form.

Motion to allow Andrea to apply for grants to hold a regional art show. Moved, Penelope, seconded, Teri.  Accepted.

Motion to support the “Out of the Closet” coffeehouse to a maximum of $200.  Moved, Penelope, seconded, Andrea. Accepted. Please attach event form.

Next board meeting: May 10th 1:30 pm at Andrea’s

Meeting adjourned: 1pm.


SLGS February 18, 2016 board meeting                   

Commenced: 1:42 pm

Present:  Paula Cravens, Andrea Saba, Penelope Stuart, Judith Maltz, Lora Lee Brekke, Teri Freeman

Absent:  Noni Jackson


  1. Acceptance of the agenda
  2. Minutes of the last meeting
  3. President’s report
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Programming – 9 events to discuss
  6. Help with members’ addresses/delivery of members’ letter
  7. Any Other Business

 Motion to accept the agenda:  Moved Andrea, seconded Lora Lee. Accepted.

Motion to accept the January board meeting minutes:  Moved Penelope, seconded Andrea. Accepted.

Motion to accept the President’s report (attached). Moved Judy, seconded Andrea. Accepted.

Action: (mainly) Paula, be sure to include BCAC logo in all media for any sponsored event.

Action: Penelope will set a date with Village of Silverton to make new plans for the Silverton Gallery renovations.

Treasurer’s Report:  We have approximately $5500 left from our BCAC for programming. Director’s liability has been paid. We will be receiving $8600 from BCAC for the 2016/2017 programming.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report : Moved Penelope, seconded Lora Lee. Accepted.

Motion to place a display ad in the next Valley Voice (includes call for Membership and President’s letter regarding membership {edited}):  Moved Judy, seconded Penelope. Accepted.

Action: Paula, put letter on website.


Spring Break Art Classes        Andrea Saba is the lead of this project

Motion to have Jennifer Peters teach two class sessions, 10:30-3:30. Fee $150 (for the 2 classes)

Motion to have Louise DuCharme teach a morning class.  Fee $100

Motion to have Elly Scheepens and Orsi (assistant) teach clay work. Fee $150 (Elly and helper) Motion to have Isaac and Orsi Carter teach full day film class.   Fee $250

All motions for the spring break art classes were accepted. See attached event form.

Action: Penelope will encourage the film workers  to get a CKCA grant to teach summer classes.

Action: Teri will assist Louise at her art class.

Motion to support the New Denver Chamber of Commerce’s production of the Lip-Synch contest with a donation of $175:  Moved Penelope, seconded, Judy. Accepted.

Motion to support Jeff Faragher and Michael Kevin Jones duo, Thursday, June 23rd at the Memorial Hall with a donation of $600 ($250/performer plus $100 advertising). SLGS will have a concession and will keep the door take.  Moved Penelope, seconded, Andrea. Accepted. (Please supply event form)

Motion to support Jeff Faragher’s orchestra class by supplying the Memorial Hall for the final concert in December 2016.  Moved Penelope, seconded, Lora Lee. Accepted

Motion to support Penelope and Andrea’s CKCA grant for summer art classes by donating $500 toward the material costs and setup. Moved Penelope, seconded, Judy. Accepted.

Motion to support Theresa Tremaine’s CKCA application for a grant to fund an Art Walk by donating $500 towards the project. Moved Penelope, seconded, Andrea. Accepted.

Motion to support Norbert Ruebsant’s memoir writing classes (March 3, 10, 24 and 31st at the Hidden Garden Gallery). Accepted. Teri is the lead on this project. See attached event form.

Carla Nemiroff is supporting Sean Ashby to perform at the Memorial Hall August 286th. Motion deferred until we receive an event plan from Carla.

Teri submitted a notice of motion re: Vesica Piscis Project. We are to read and discuss the info and make suggestions.

Action: Judith will create another event form for workshop/lecture events.

Meeting adjourned at 4:05 pm

Penelope will be away March 8th-May3rd.

Next meeting:  May 12th, 3:30 pm at Andrea’s house.


January 13, 2016                    Slocan Lake Gallery Society  

Present:  Andrea Saba, Judith Maltz, Laura Lee Brekke, Noni Jackson, Paula Cravens, Penelope Stuart, Teri Freeman.

Commenced: 3:45pm


  1. Acceptance of the agenda
  2. Minutes of the last meeting
  3. President’s report
  4. Treasurer’s report
  5. Members/Friend’s event and ways to promote membership
  6. Ideas for events and collaborative projects in the next few months
  7. Gallery building
  8. 2016 AGM

Motion to accept the agenda:  moved, Judith, seconded, Paula. Accepted.

 Motion to accept the Minutes of the post AGM not board meeting: moved, Penelope, seconded, Judith. Accepted.

 Motion to accept the President’s Report:  moved, Judith, seconded, Andrea. Accepted.(see attached).

Tresurer’s Report:

 The liability insurance has come due and been paid.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s report:  moved, Penelope, seconded, Teri. Accepted.

Action: Judith will set up a meeting (that Sharie has volunteered her time for) to sit down with the new board members (and/or interested board members) to go over the financial situation.

Members and Friends event

Motion: To send out membership forms to all our old members who have not yet paid for 2016. We will have drop boxes at New Market(New Denver) and SBS(Silverton):  moved, P, seconded, Andrea. Accepted.

Action: Paula and Penelope will collaborate on the membership letter to be sent out.

The board will wait to see what the response from the mail-out is before proceeding with a member’s event.

All board members should be encouraging new people to join and we should be encouraging membership at all SLGS events.

Ideas and Events

 Motion: to co-sponsor an event with the Slocan Valley Refugee Coalition (with $600 in funds from the community initiative money) to create a radio show to be held at Bosun Hall. Profits will go to the coalition. Susie O’Donnell is the lead on this project, with Teri as our Liaison to the society. moved, Judith, seconded, Andrea. Accepted.

 Idea to hold a first nations art show at the HGG. Awaiting more discussion.

Gallery Building

 We are still awaiting feedback on the heritage 150 grant.

Next AGM

 Motion to hold the 2016 AGM Saturday,October 22 2016 (suggested date). :  moved, Paula, seconded, Laura Lee. Accepted.

Action: Penelope will set up a programming meeting before the next board meeting.

Noni away until March.

Next board meeting:  Wednesday, February 17th , 3:30 pm at ?

 Meeting ended:  5:20 pm



2015 SLGS AGM                      December 19, 2016  Silverton Memorial Hall

Commenced 11:10 am

Board members present: Noni Jackson, Judith Maltz, Penelope Stuart, Paula Cravens

Absent: Teri Freeman

Eight people present

Penelope opens the meeting and introduces the board members.

Acceptance of agenda:  Moved by Barb Yeomans, seconded, Randy Cofer.

Acceptance of Minutes of AGM 2014 (with correction requested by Judith Maltz to change Members at large to Directors at large):  Moved by Randy Cofer, seconded,  Jeanne Huet.

President’s report: (see attached)  Moved by Koko, seconded Paul.

Treasurer’s Report: (see attached) The board thanks Sharie Merrifield for her great service.

Acceptance of Treasurer’s Report:  Moved by Barb Yeomans, seconded, Penelope.

All board members are officially resigned.

The following candidates and positions were nominated and elected by acclaim:

President:  Penelope Stuart

Vice President:  Andrea Saba

Secretary:  Paula Cravens

Treasurer:  Judith Maltz

Director at Large:  Teri Freeman

Director at Large:  Lora Lee Brekke

Director at Large:  Noni Jackson

Question Period

Barb Yeomans made kind remarks of the range and collaboration of events accomplished by the SLGS board. She also asked when we will receive word on the Federal grant that the Village of Silverton has applied to for the Silverton Gallery Renovations. The Board has been trying to determine this but the answer is unknown at this point. If the VOS is not successful in acquiring the federal grant we will need to discuss with the Village an alternative strategy to finding funds to renovate the gallery.

Paul asked how much the Federal grant that the Village of Silverton had applied for. The board replied that approximately $180,000 had been requested. The SLGS has money in reserve from previous years grants and dedicated donation money to add to the renovation expenses. Judith explained how we have separate bank accounts for Building Grant Account and the Community Building Donations Account. If the building renovations do not proceed, we are tracking the renovation donations so that they may be returned.

Koko raised the question that if the Silverton Historical Society has closed, is it possible for SLGS to use their area in the future. Carol Bell said the best person to ask would be Ken Murray. It may be possible to add a new archive space into the renovation plans. The SLGS will have to look into this.

Barb Yeomans suggested a collaborative spring meeting with other societies to explore the effects of the B.C. society act chaired by someone with knowledge of said changes.

Andrea Saba asked if we have searched for new exhibition space.  The SLGS has determined that there is no space comparable to the Silverton Gallery’s large exhibition space between Revelstoke and Nelson/Castlegar.

Penelope stated her goal to contact the new federal Minister of Heritage, Mélanie Joly.

Jeanne Huet asked how much the federal grant was for. The grant covers approximately $100,000 with matching funds of approximately $75,000 from the Village of Silverton.

Judy Maltz asked if there was still support for the Silverton Gallery from the Village of Silverton. Carol Bell assured her that the support is still there.

The Board extended an invitation to the members present to join us on Jan. 16th for a social to introduce the new board members.

AGM adjourned at 12:15 pm.



December 16 slgs board meeting 2015                                  Commenced  3:10 pm  draft

Present: Penelope Stuart, Noni Jackson, Judith Maltz, Paula Cravens   absent: Teri Freeman


Acceptance of the agenda

Minutes of the last meeting

President’s report

treasurer’s report

Rescinding the motion Sharie’s work


Fire alarm system grant


Motion to accept the agenda:  Moved, Paula, seconded, Noni. Accepted.

Motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting:  Moved, Judith, seconded, Penelope. Accepted.

Motion to accept the President’ report:  Moved, Judith, seconded, Noni.  Accepted.

Treasurer’s Report:

Total                     48,849.00

deposit                      682.00

expenses                 1535.30

Motion to accept the treasurer’s report:  Moved, Penelope , seconded, Paula. Accepted.

Motion to rescind the September 21st 2015 motion: “Motion: If Sharie is going to charge more that $75/month, she is to contact Penelope before proceeding with extra work.” :  Moved, Penelope , seconded, Paula. Accepted.

Motion: That if Sharie Merrifield is asked to do bookkeeping work beyond her regular work for the SLGS, that work should be approved by the board before asking Sharie to act on it:  Moved, Penelope , seconded, Noni. Accepted.

AGM agenda:

Accept agenda

Minutes of 2014 AGM (Paula will read)

President’s Report

Financial Statement


Open discussion

Action: Paula will bring about 20 copies of membership forms.

Action:  Paula will put constitution on website.

Action:  Paula will take minutes at the AGM.

Action:  Andrea or Bruce will be asked to fill out membership forms once the AGM is underway.

Motion: to ask the membership to set the number of directors for the board at seven.  Moved, Penelope , seconded, Judith.  Accepted.

Motion: to pay Dan Rickson $20 to organize the sound equipment at the AGM.  Moved, Penelope , seconded, Noni.  Accepted.

 Things to bring to the AGM:

Teri’s letter to stand for the board:  Action:  Paula will bring a copy.

Action:  Judith will bring the float and receipt book and 30 copies of the Yr. End Financials and membership forms (25) to the AGM.

Action:  Penelope will bring a donation box.

Action:  Paula will bring two copies of the membership lists.

Action:  Paula  and Penelope will arrive at 10 am to set up tables and make coffee.

Action:  Penelope will write to Judy Madelung to ask for an extension for the 2013 Fire alarm system installation project and the Flooring grant.


Carla and Noni are submitting reports.

Members away:

Noni:     Jan 21-march 30

Paula:  first two week of February

Adjourned 4:45 pm

SLGS board meeting November, 9th, 2015
Present: Noni Jackson, Paula Cravens, Penelope Stuart, Judith Maltz. Absent: Teri Freeman
Acceptance of agenda
Minutes of the last meeting
President’s report
Treasurer’s report
Building issues
Motion to accept the agenda: Moved, Judith, seconded, Noni. Accepted.
Motion to accept the minutes of October: Moved, Judith, seconded, Penelope. Accepted.
Motion to write a letter to Becky Love, requesting she sign if she is interested in resigning. : Moved, Noni, seconded, Paula. Accepted.
Action: Paula will write and send such letter.
Motion to accept the President’ report: Moved, Judith, seconded, Noni. Accepted.
There was no financial report at this meeting.
The AGM will be held Saturday, December 19th at 11 am. Coffee and tea will be served at the Silverton Memorial Hall. The AGM will be followed by a regular Members meeting for questions and discussion. A board meeting of the new board will follow the Members meeting. Anyone willing to stand for the board or nominate someone for the board will contact Paula. Two volunteers (Paula and Judith) will fill out membership renewals prior to the AGM. Another volunteer will cover the membership renewals for latecomers when the AGM commences.
Action: Paula will put an AGM notice in the Valley Voice classified and 358 exchange. She will submit a poster to Essay for poster production.
A Members social will be held January 16, 2016. More discussion planned for the next meeting.
The board agreed to Carla’s proposal for the Hanukkah/Festival of Light event with the change to offer $50 for clean up. Judy has offered to approach Rod to do the sound and to collect the key from the VOS on Thursday, 10th December.
Motion to give Noni $20 gas money to attend the webinar in Nelson regarding the BC Society Act changes and their effect on the non-profit societies. Accepted.
Action: Paula will check minutes regarding snow clearing. We will hire someone (Dan?) to clear the roof of the porch as needed. From the January 12, 2015 minutes: “Motion to hire someone to do the snow shovelling at the Silverton gallery at the rate of $15/hr. SLGS will decide when it is necessary and will leave it up to the hired person to determine when it is safe to shovel.”
Next Meeting: December 19th following the AGM Adjourned 3:50 pm