Voices Within Oct. 1st


Slocan Lake Gallery Society is sponsoring a performance featuring the fabulous Cellist, Jeff Faragher during his CD release tour.

Saturday- October 1, 2016   7:30  Memorial Hall, Silverton  

Tickets $15
“Voices Within” is a culmination of some of the finest music written for the classical cello ensemble.  From duets up to a small orchestra, Jeff Faragher captures the rich colour and tonal range of this fine instrument.  Recorded acoustically in studio, Mr. Faragher used several fine instruments from the BC interior to capture a wide array of vocal characteristics to emulate the sense of a live cello ensemble.  His virtuosity shines through this truly unique project where he masterfully performs every part of each work seamlessly, playing off his own recorded parts intuitively and sensitively.  Cellist, Jeff Faragher’s new album, Voices Within is a truly unique and enjoyable experience for the listener.

This concert will feature Jeff playing solo works for cello in addition to some of the pieces from the album.  He will be demonstrating the process through which this CD came together and performing on various instruments and even with some electronic equipment to simulate the studio multi-track recording environment.  This performance promises to be a unique and thoroughly engaging experience for audiences of all ages.