William Brookfield comes to the Gallery


William Brookfield is an original artist and composer from Enderby, BC, who also performs cover tunes such as Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Jim Reeves, Jerry Lee Lewis and more. If the name “Brookfield” sounds familiar to you, his father is the late Gordon Brookfield of New Denver and Nakusp and his stepmother was the late Lorna Obermeyer, also of New Denver, and one-time President of the Silverton Gallery.

A professional musician for 38 years, William has recently been touring Western Canada with a tribute show, “The Louisiana Hayride”, based on the radio program of the same name from the 1950’s.   Brookfield performs on a musical “feet and hands” system of his own invention that allows him to play live drums, and live keyboard(s) at the same time. William plays the drums with his feet and the musical parts with his hands.  Included in Brookfield’s system is a harmony machine that adds a second or third vocal part to his voice. The Louisiana Hayride represents the concert debut of this live system and refinements are ongoing.

William also works as a sound designer, using state of the art keyboard synthesis to build the “old time” fiddles, pianos, trumpets, strings, drums and organs necessary for the Louisiana Hayride show.  All these sounds plus many more will be coming to you at the Silverton Gallery, Saturday, Sept. 15th from 7:30 – 10:00 pm.  There will be a $10.00 cover charge at the door.