About The Arts Council

The Slocan Lake Arts Council is guided in all of their activities by the desire to develop a community of artistic excellence, through the education and engagement of local youth, mentoring of local artists, the presentation of touring performers, and advocacy for the arts.  Since 1980 the Slocan Lake Arts Council  has been an integral component of a vibrant arts community steeped in the tradition of bucking norms and risk-taking in artistic expression. In 2018, the Slocan Lake Gallery Society changed its name to the Slocan Lake Arts Council.  The board of the Society is actively engaged with local community organizations with the goal of delivering community-minded arts and cultural programming.  The board is a public body and ensures that the community’s values are represented in the administration of the Arts Council’s activities. The Arts Council also manages the Silverton Gallery, an iconic heritage building with 3 Rooms for rent. 


The Arts Council consists of elected directors: President, Vice-President,  Secretary, Treasurer, as well as Directors-at-Large.  All aspects of programming and events are managed by Board Members who act as the Program Leads. Community members are welcome to join a program of interest without having to join the Board Executive. Programs: The Arts Council functions as 8 distinct Programs but is interested and open to adding new programs as concepts emerge.

  1. Arts Council Executive: the Society board made up of board members, each having a leadership role.
  2. Visual Arts Program: programs the Art Gallery on behalf of the Arts Council.
  3. Performance Program:  responsible for music, concerts, coffee houses.
  4. Family Program: responsible for family events and children’s programming.
  5. Theatre Arts Program: responsible for theatre performances.
  6. Artist Mentoring: responsible for administering the CKCA grants, artists workshops, liaising between artists & granting bodies whenever needed. Office equipment is available for artisans when arranged.
  7. Makers Space/Art Education: responsible for workshops or events located in the Makers Space.
  8. Building Program: responsible for the room rentals, building maintenance, and cleaning.

Diversified Funding Sources include Membership Fees, Rental Revenues,  Private donations , Admissions,  Fund raising, and Grants ( BCAC, Columbia Basin Trust Community Initiatives, Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance (programs: 1, 2, 11),  Regional District – Area H: Recreation #6 grants, Kootenay Savings Community Foundation, Gaming Grants).  

The Arts Council could not continue to function without community generosity. The board wishes to thank Barb & Dick for their very generous donation towards replacing the theatre curtains with new fire retardant back curtains. To Nonie and Dale for replacing and rebuilding the acoustic sound wall with new canvas and wood trim. To Steve from SBS for his very generous donation of paint which went towards the recent renos. To Jim whose pro expertise has helped us with electrical fix-ups. To Tony, Jamie, and Dale who are called on as handy men to this building needing tune ups and fix ups. To MIke for his professional legal input. And to the scores of other volunteers who cleaned, painted, scrubbed, sanded, and generally helped polish up this cherished community building.