Facilities (3 Rooms)

Gallery Rental Contract2

The Silverton Gallery has re-opened as of July 1, 2018. This building has 3 rooms for rent to the public. The Arts Council also offers yearly Membership-Donations for frequent Building users.  For a yearly donation of $480.00, the building can be used 12 times a year. Contact silvertongallery@gmail.com  for more information. For a monthly fee of $75.00 the Makers Space can be used by artists, crafters, & makers on an ongoing basis. Performance Space: The space has a reputation for having excellent acoustic qualities. The Room can either hold 100 seats or be emptied for a clear floor area with small stage. A 16-channel audio system, a professional theatre lighting system, a Yamaha upright grand piano, a projection area, a sound/lights control booth are all on site. Choir risers are available, as is a moveable screen, and projector. Visual Arts Gallery:   This room has a floor area of 483 sq. ft. with 8′ x 91′ running feet.  We have an assortment of various sized plinths as well as 6 easels to use as displays. The Theatre and Gallery are separated by a locking door and can be rented together for multi-purpose functions. Makers Space:   This workshop space is on the ground floor and has 4 large workbenches, plenty of counter space, shelves, a utility sink, as well as a round board table. Although the room has been used for crafts, art, and makers workshops since 1980, art supplies and tools are not included in the rental fee.  The workshop is  available by the day, the hour, or via a monthly membership fee ($75.00) for those who need workshop/making space on an ongoing basis. There is storage space via Rubber-made bins for makers to store their materials, if needed. Kitchenette:   The kitchenette, located on the 2nd floor, is available to all users. It’s not suitable for full cooking, but can be used for warming catered foods, tea/coffee service, and fridge storage. This large and attractive iconic building still retains many of its original heritage features.  It stands in a prominent position at the centre of the picturesque Village of Silverton.